2019 Department Heads
Department Heads

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Department Head Phone Email
Administrator Brad Karger 715-261-1400 Contact
Aging & Disability Resource Center Jonette Arms 715-261-6070 Contact
Central Wisconsin Airport Brian Grefe 715-693-2147  
Clerk of Courts Shirley Lang 715-261-1300 Contact
Conservation Planning Zoning Rebecca Frisch 715-261-6000 Contact
Corporation Counsel Scott Corbett 715-261-1140  
County Clerk Nan Kottke 715-261-1500 Contact
County Treasurer Audrey Jensen 715-261-1150 Contact
District Attorney Theresa Wetzsteon 715-261-1111  
Emergency Management Philip Rentmeester 715-261-1229 Contact
Employee Resources Frank Matel 715-261-1451 Contact
Facilities & Capital Management Michael Lotter 715-261-6980 Contact
Finance Kristi Palmer 715-261-1170 Contact
Health Department Joan M. Theurer 715-261-1900 Contact
Highway Department James Griesbach 715-261-1800 Contact
Information Technology Gerard Klein 715-261-6700 Contact
Library Ralph Illick 715-261-7200 Contact
Medical Examiner Jessica Blahnik 715-261-1199 Contact
Parks Recreation Forestry Jamie Polley 715-261-1550 Contact
Register of Deeds Dean Stratz 715-261-1470 Contact
Sheriff Scott Parks 715-261-1200 Contact
Social Services Vicki Tylka 715-261-7500 Contact
Solid Waste Meleesa Johnson 715-446-3101 Contact
UW Extension Jason Hausler 715-261-1230 Contact
Veterans Scott Berger 715-261-1141 Contact