FORECLOSURE – Wisconsin Statute Chapter 846

Foreclosure cases can be found on WCCA by performing an “Advanced Case Search” and entering the case classification code of: 30404 along with the other required information.

After a judgment of foreclosure is granted by the court, a “Sheriff’s Deed” will be given to the court for safekeeping. The Sheriff will hold a “Sheriff’s Sale” in the Sheriff's Department (Room A136). If someone successfully bids on the property, they will be required to deposit 10% of that bid in the Clerk of Courts office by cash, money order or cashier’s check – a personal check will not be accepted as indicated in the Notice of Sheriff’s Sale. The court will then schedule a hearing for the “Confirmation of Sale”. At that hearing the court will typically sign the order confirming sale requiring the successful bidder to pay the balance owed from the sale by money order, cashier’s check or cash. Upon the balance being paid, the Clerk will handle the processing of the payment and the Sheriff's deed – as directed in the order confirming sale. It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay any transfer fees.

If the successful bid exceeds the amount owed on the property, there may be a “surplus of funds”. When that happens, any creditor in that court case, can petition the court for their portion of the surplus funds. A signed order of the court is required in order to payout any surplus funds.

If the successful bidder paid less than the amount owed on the property, a deficiency judgment may be filed against the defendant(s).

A listing of Sheriff mortgage foreclosure sales are located on this Sheriff’s Department webpage.