Divorce: Dissolution of marriage.  Legal Separation: A court order arranging the terms (custody, support, etc.) under which a married couple will live separately.  [Wisconsin Statute: Chapter 767]

The Wisconsin Court System has created a Self-help Family Web Site. This site provides a guide and “fill able” forms necessary to obtain a divorce or legal separation in Wisconsin. Our office has put together pro se (proceed on your own) divorce packets with the forms provided on the self-help family web site. There is a $20 non-refundable fee per packet. Four different packets are available:

  • Joint Petition– without children (both parties agree).
  • Joint Petition – with children (both parties agree).
  • Summons and Petition – without children (one party filing on their own behalf and having the other party served).
  • Summons and Petition – with children (one party filing on their own and having the other party served).

When you are ready to file the completed paperwork (make sure you have copies of  Summons and Petition or Joint Petition and Order to Show Cause [if needed]), and bring it to the Marathon County Clerk of Courts Office with the appropriate filing fee:

$184.50 when NO support and/or maintenance is requested; or
$194.50 when support and/or maintenance is requested.

Once you file your paperwork, you will be given a stipulated divorce hearing date. This date is usually three or four months away. If everything is agreed upon (stipulated) between both parties the divorce will be granted at this hearing. If there are unresolved issues, a contested hearing will be scheduled (approximately six months from the stipulated divorce hearing date). After you have filed for divorce and have a court date, it is mandatory that you complete a parenting class prior to your divorce date if there are minor children of the marriage.  The ONLY approved parenting class in Marathon County is Children in Between Online, offered through the Center for Divorce Education.  This class is located at the following website: http://www.divorce-education.com/wi/marathon/

You should contact an attorney if you need assistance filing for divorce.

Additional information regarding family cases can be found on the following websites: