Mediation is a process in which disputing parents meet with the help of a neutral third party to reach an agreement regarding placement issues with their children.

You cannot request mediation if it has been less than two years since you last attended mediation. If so, you will need to file a motion (Pro Se Packet B) with the court requesting to change physical placement or custody. Pro Se Packet B and instruction sheet are available in the Marathon County Clerk of Courts Office.

After receiving an order to mediate from Marathon County Court, parties must attend mediation orientation. This 1½ hour session features a Judge and mediator who explain the procedures, process and mediator’s role, costs of mediation and why mediation is strongly supported in Marathon County.

Parties will then be referred to a local mediation agency to start the mediation process.

For further information you can contact the Family Court Commissioner’s Office at (715) 261-1380.