The right to a trial by jury is one of our most precious rights. It is the right of free men and women, to force the State that charges them with a crime, to prove those charges before a jury of citizens. It is an essential right not to have the government that accuses of a crime to also determine our guilt or innocence. In a free society that responsibility rests with a jury consisting of an impartial group of our fellow citizens. The courts of our State belong not to the lawyers and the judges, but to you – the public.

Jury service is both a privilege and an obligation of citizenship. The rights preserved to us in the Constitution of these United States unfortunately often require some sacrifice if they are to be protected. One of these sacrifices is that of jury service.

Although many prospective jurors are concerned that jury service will be a burden, an overwhelming majority of people who do become jurors find the experience highly rewarding. If your service is required, we hope that you will find this to be a meaningful contribution of your time and energy.