CPZ Mission Statement


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The Conservation Services administers programs to implement the Land and Water Resource Management Plan which includes the Farmland Preservation Program, Managed Intensive Grazing, Lake Districts, Wildlife Damage and Abatement, as well as regulatory activities associated with the Waste Storage Facility and Nutrient Management Ordinance and the Livestock Facilities Licensing Ordinance.

The Planning Services is involved with the preparation and implementation of Comprehensive Planning; Transportation Planning Services (MPO), Sewer Service Area and Storm Water Management for the metropolitan area; Hazard Mitigation Planning, and Census/Redistricting

The Geo Services is comprised of the County Surveyor’s office, the Geographic Information System (GIS) and the implementation of the Uniform Addressing Ordinance. The Surveyor replaces, re-establishes and records information for section markers. The office also reviews and keeps records for private surveys. GIS manages the electronic mapping system and prepares paper maps for the county.

The Zoning & Regulatory Services administers the County’s zoning, shoreland, floodplain, private sewage system, airport, subdivision, nonmetallic mining and other ordinances. These ordinances are administered and enforced county wide except for comprehensive zoning which must be approved by the towns before becoming effective.