Below is the contact information for CPZ employees.


First Name Last Name Telephone Title Email Contact
Steve Baur 715-261-6005 On-Site Waste Technician E-mail
Patrick Bula 715-261-6045 CPZ Technician E-mail
Paul Daigle 715-261-6006 Land and Water Program Director E-mail
Dave Decker 715-261-6026 County Surveyor E-mail
Dale Dimond 715-261-6028 On-Site Waste Specialist E-mail
Nicole Fehl 715-261-6022 Administration Assistant E-mail
Becky Frisch 715-261-6024 Director E-mail
Teal Fyksen 715-261-6029 Land Use Specialist E-mail
Diane Hanson 715-261-6037 Assistant Administrative Manager E-mail
Gary Hetzer 715-261-6041 GIS Coordinator/LIO E-mail
Robert Hoffman 715-261-6039 Land Use Technician E-mail
Brenda Iczkowski 715-261-6023 Administrative Coordinator E-mail
Cindy Kraeger 715-261-6032 Administrative Coordinator E-mail
Larry Kempe 715-261-6025 Surveyor Technician E-mail
Bill Kolodziej 715-261-6038 Conservation Analyst E-mail
Kirk Langfoss 715-261-6008 Conservation Analyst E-mail
Lane Loveland 715-261-6030 Environmental Resources Specialist E-mail
Andy Lynch 715-261-6034 Transportation Planner E-mail
Dave Mack 715-261-6043 Program Manager E-mail
Lauren Nichols 715-261-6027 Shoreland Protection Technician E-mail
Ken Pozorski 715-261-6004 Conservation Analyst E-mail
Jeff Pritchard 715-261-6042 Planning Analyst E-mail
Toshia Ranallo 715-261-6022 Administrative Specialist E-mail
Matt Repking 715-261-6010 Conservation Analyst E-mail
Dominique Swangstu 715-261-6002 Zoning Administrator E-Mail
Preston Vande Voort 715-261-6048 GIS Specialist E-mail
Peter Wade 715-261-6044 On-Site Waste Technician E-mail