Land Conservation Services is driven by Marathon County’s Land and Water Resource Management (LWRM) Plan. The LWRM Plan outlines a comprehensive strategy for the implementation of soil and water conservation in Marathon County from 2010 through 2020. The Marathon County Land Conservation and Zoning Committee identified four (4) long term program outcomes for the natural resource protection efforts in Marathon County:

1. Land use activities are well planned to enhance community development, minimize conflicts, maximize infrastructure investments, and protect rural character.
2. Improve and protect the surface and ground water assets to enhance public health and safety, recreational opportunities, and economic development.
3. Maintain the soil and water resources as productive assets through topsoil and organic matter conservation.
4. Marathon County agricultural and woodlot producers are economically strong.

This plan has been adopted by Marathon County and it guides the following programs and ordinances that are used to achieve these goals. Land & Water Resource Management (LWRM) Plan (pdf 15mb)

 Use this link to view the  LWRM Plan 2011 Annual Review (pdf)


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