Marathon County plans for the future of farmland.

The Farmland Preservation Plan represents a significant local policy that identifies the services, priorities, and investments that Marathon County will initiate to preserve farmland.  It defines Marathon County’s commitment to assist communities, landowners, and the agricultural industry in preserving farmland through local programs.


The agricultural industry of Marathon County and Wisconsin faces the challenge to provide the food and fiber for a growing world population in a manner that protects soil and water resources.  It is with this challenge in mind that Marathon County embraced the opportunity to work alongside our local partners to develop a common “vision of agriculture.”  The vision is founded upon a rich appreciation of our agricultural history and builds upon the diversity of products, economic opportunities, and people that represent the future of the agricultural industry.


The farmland preservation policy is based upon farmland preservation zoning and the development of agricultural enterprise areas. These program strategies provide incentives to landowners, agricultural producers and local officials to promote balanced land use, economic development and conservation practices that benefit agriculture. It is the intent of the plan to slow the conversion of farmland to other uses, increase the value of agriculture to the local and regional economy, and sustain the quality of our soil and water resources.


Below are the chapters for the Farmland Preservation Plan. All files are in Adobe PDF format



Below are the Town Municipal Maps for the Farmland Preservation Plan. All maps are in PDF format.

Bergen Cleveland Frankfort Harrison Maine Reid Stettin
Berlin Day Franzen Hewitt Marathon Rib Falls Texas
Bern Easton Green Valley Holton McMillan Rib Mountain Wausau
Bevent Eau Pleine Guenther Hull Mosinee Rietbrock Weston
Brighton Elderon Halsey Johnson Norrie Ringle Wien
Cassel Emmet Hamburg Knowlton Plover Spencer  

Below are the Village Municipal Maps for the Farmland Preservation Plan.

Below is the County-wide Farmland Preservation Area Map.