Hard copy Map products are available for purchase**. These can be acquired by calling the Department of Conservation, Planning & Zoning (715) 261-6000 or stopping by 210 River Dr. All maps are printed at time of request.
Map Product Size Price Map Features
Marathon County Road Map 36x48 $12.50 Standard Features*
Zipcode Map (county-wide) 36x48 $12.50 Standard Features*
School District Map (county-wide) 36x48 $12.50 Districts, Communities & Streets
School District Map (individual) 24x24 $10.00 Districts, Communities & Streets
Town Zoning Map (County & Independent) 24x24 $10.00 Zoning & Standard Features*
Supervisor District Map (individual) 24x24 $10.00 District & Standard Features*
Supervisor District Map (county-wide) 36x48 $12.50 Districts & Standard Features*
Census (county-wide) Tract Map 30x20 $10.00 Tracts & Standard Features*
Census (urban area) Tract Map 22x20 $10.00 Tracts & Standard Features*
Non-Metallic Mining Sites Map 36x52 $12.50 Pits & Standard Features*
Wausau 208 Sewer Service Area Map 36x48 $12.50 208 Area & Standard Features*
Aerial Photos Various $2.50 ft historical (1938-2010)
Parcel Map 11x14 $1.25 Property Boundary Features
Base Map (choice of scale) 36x36 $2.50 ft Choice of Features
Fire Service Area (by Area) 36x36 $2.50 ft Choice of Features
Address Maps Various $.75 ft Addresses with Streets/Property

* Standard Features include: Roads w/names, Water, Incorporated Areas, Municipal Boundaries w/names, Named Places, Sections w/numbers.

** Payment required in advance, no credit cards.