Marathon County Surveyor Duties

Performs all duties required by Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 59.45 which includes working with town and municipal officials to prevent disturbing and destruction of survey monuments because of road construction or re-building.

Administers the County Remonumentation and Map Filing Program by overseeing the placement of land survey monuments as required by Wisconsin Administrative Code and county ordinances. Develops maintenance program for corners of the original government survey. Maintain corner monumentation books and index sheets.

Conducts field investigations as necessary to verify survey monuments, to make determinations in circumstances where there are conflicting survey records, and to assess future surveying needs within the county. Perform records and field search to correct erroneous section and quarter section corners.

Performs survey work for other county departments and/or municipalities as deemed necessary.

Provides data for the creation and maintenance of the Geographic Information System (GIS) for accurate county parcel mapping and taxation.

Assist the general public regarding questions or problems concerning surveying and land boundaries. Perform records search, field search and re-establishment of section or quarter section corner when informed by public that reference and/or corner monument has been disturbed or destroyed.

Files and indexes all public land survey records, survey maps, section summaries, survey notes, and some right-of-way plats and documentation. Assist private surveyors in records search, corner verifications and methods and procedures for recovery or re-establishment of corners of the original government survey.

Reviews certified surveys, preliminary and final county plats, and preliminary and final state plats to assure compliance with Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 236 and the Marathon County Land Division Ordinance and makes recommendations to the County Land Conservation, Planning and Zoning Committee.

Assist in the preparation and administration of contracts for surveying services and oversee the progress, completion, and compensation of the vendor. Perform quality control checks of survey contractors work.

Maintain and distribute to private surveyors, any information on the county geodetic network and coordinate system including any horizontal and/or vertical control information. Assist in development, implementation and maintenance of county geodetic network and county coordinate system.