Marathon County Conservation,  Planning & Zoning Department serves as the water quality planning agency under the direction of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. For more information on sewer service area planning, authority, and definitions, check out the Wisconsin Sewer Service Area Planning Program.

Subjects under Sewer Service Area Planning:

  • Project Goals
  • Service Area Map
  • Wausau Urban Area Sewer Service Area Plan for the Year 2025
  • Wausau Urban Area Sewer Service Plan - History

The goals of sewer service planning are to plan for communities’ wastewater collection systems to adequately accommodate growth, to protect the communities’ water supply through sound planning, and to assure growth occurs in a cost-effective manner. The on-going Wausau Urban Area Sewer Service Area planning effort is intended to consolidate these efforts of the communities within the area, and to coordinate planning activities with adjacent communities and other on-going planning activities (transportation planning, comprehensive planning, hazard mitigation planning).

A large printed map of the Wausau Urban Sewer Service area is available from the Marathon County Conservation, Planning & Zoning Department for $12.50

or you can  view this smaller version of the MAP in PDF format.

The cities of Mosinee, Schofield and Wausau, the villages of Kronenwetter, Rothschild and Weston and the Town of Rib Mountain have submitted the plan below for appoval to the Department of natural Resources for administrative decision. This updated Wausau Urban Area Sewer Service Plan 2040 identifies areas for public sewer and environmentally sensitive areas where public sewer is restricted.  This Plan Is Draft Unitl Approved By The Department Of Natural Resources.  Once this is approved it may be used for confirmance reviews and planning work.

 The plan identifies areas anticipated to be developed on sewer and water utilities while protecting sensitive areas such as floodplains, wetlands and steep slopes. The plan will be reviewed at least every 5 years and updated if necessary.

You can view the 2040 DRAFT Plan in PDF format here.  Please be patient as this is a large PDF (24mb).

You can view the CURRENT 2025 Plan in PDF format here.  Please be patient as this is a large PDF (24mb)

Sewer Extensions and Hookups:

The Sewer Service Plan must not be used for conformance reviews until we receive approval from the Department of Natural Resources. When it is approved, please provide the following for a 208 letter: see pdf document, when submitting sewer service extension requests.

The original sewer service plan was prepared in 1981 by the Marathon County Planning Commission. The plan was certified as an Areawide Water Quality Management Plan by Governor Lee Sherman Dreyfus on May 17, 1982. The plan identified "...the land area within which it is intended that sewer services will be made available by the end of the planning period, 20 years.". It serves as the basis for current and future plans and updates to the Wausau Urban Area Sewer Service Plan.