Purpose of Farmland Preservation Zoning:

The Farmland Preservation District is intended to: preserve productive agricultural land for food and fiber production, preserve productive farms by preventing land use conflicts between incompatible uses, control public service costs, maintain a viable agricultural base to support agricultural processing and service industries, prevent conflicts between incompatible uses, reduce costs of providing services to scattered nonfarm uses, space and shape urban growth, implement the provisions of the County’s Farmland Preservation Plan, and comply with the provisions of the Farmland Preservation Law to permit eligible landowners to receive tax credits.

Farmland Preservation Zoning District 2015 Update

The Legislature repealed and recreated the Farmland Preservation Program in 2009 in response to growing pressures to convert farmland statewide to nonagricultural uses, and recreated it with a new structure. The new law authorized the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection to write an administrative rule that sets technical details as to how local governments may plan and zone to preserve farmland. The rule also establishes the circumstances in which the department may deny a farmland preservation agreement application.

In April of 2015, Marathon County's Famland Preservation Zoning was certified by the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.  This allows land owners to continue to collect tax credits.


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Current Towns with Approved Farmland Preservation Zoning

  1. Brighton (County Zoning)
  2. Day (County Zoning)
  3. Eau Pleine (County Zoning)
  4. Hull (County Zoning)
  5. Marathon (County Zoning)
  6. McMillan (County Zoning
  7. Mosinee (Independent Zoning)
  8. Stettin (Independent Zoning)

Additional Information


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