Department of Natural Resources Comment and Appeal Period

Marathon County along with the City of Wausau, City of Schofield and the Village of Rothschild were notified that the Lake Wausau – Wisconsin River proposed flood hazard determinations were published by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the Federal Registry. Notice was also published in the Wausau Daily Herald on June 22 and 29, 2017, concerning the appeal & comment process.

The appeal & comment period for an owner or lessor of property in the affected area is 90 days. Appeals or comments to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources must be submitted through their regulatory community.  The regulatory communities are City of Wausau, City of Schofield, Village of Rothschild and Marathon County for the Town of Rib Mountain.  All appeals and comments must be in writing and include all the information on the forms to be considered as part of the process.  Appeals and comments from owners or lessors must be submitted to the appropriate regulatory community by 4:15pm on September 20, 2017.

Outreach and Communication (Links will become live once data is available)

FEMA Appeal Notification Letter (June 15, 2017)

Posting in Federal Registry (May 19, 2017)

June 22, 2017 Public Notice in Wausau Daily Herald

June 29, 2017 Public Notice in Wausau Daily Herald

Power Point Presentation at Local Officials’ Meeting (February 9, 2017)

Power Point Presentation to Marathon County Land Conservation and Zoning Committee (July 5, 2017)

Proposed Changes to General Code of Ordinances for Marathon County Chapter 22 – Shoreland, Shoreland-Wetland, and Floodplain Code. (Link to Ordinance Page)


Forms                                                                                                   Firm Panels and Insurance Study

Appeal Form                                                                                     Fllood Insurance Study

Criteria for an Appeal                                                                         Marathon County FIRM Index Map 1 of 2

Comment Form                                                                                 Marathon County FIRM Index Map 2 of 2

                                                                                                                55073CO384G (Wausau Dam)

                                                                                                                55073CO392G (Wausau Airport/Pine Island)

                                                                                                                55073CO394G (Rainbow Ln/ Rothschild Dam)

                                                                                                                55073CO411G (Eau Claire Dam)

                                                                                                                55073CO413G (US 29/Rothschild Dam)


Background of Project:

In 2013 the WI Department of Natural Resources approached Marathon County to remap the floodplain from the Wausau Dam to the Rothschild Dam.

Regulatory elevations are not changing but with the use of more accurate 2 foot contours instead of USGS 10 foot contours, the mapping accuracy has increased.

Marathon County, Rib Mountain, City of Wausau, City of Schofield and the Village of Rothschild held a public information meeting on October 30th, 2013 that gave the public an opportunity to view the proposed maps.

April 1, 2014 the Marathon County Land Conservation and Zoning Committee approved the Department of Natural Resources remapping study of the Lake Wausau area of the WI River.  With this approval the study will be used for regulatory purposes and the Conservation Planning and Zoning Department will be pursuing the Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) with FEMA. 


Below are Preliminary PDF maps of the area affected by this study.

Here is an brief explanation of the Flood Zone Types (pdf)

Here is some additional information that was given out at the public informational meeting.