Goal of Revision: The goal of the zoning code update is to develop a modern regulatory land use policy and strategy for the rural areas of Marathon County that is consistent with local and county comprehensive plans. In addition to meeting the compliance requirements of the comprehensive planning law, the zoning code will be designed to contribute to the health, safety, and prosperity of Marathon County as identified in the Strategic Plan and Comprehensive Plan.


Time Line: The CPZ Department would have a completed general zoning code to the ERC and LC&ZC in the fall/winter of 2015. The timeline is broken into four phases with each requiring approximately 2-4 months.

To meet this timeline a variety of input activities need to be completed over the 18 month period.    A variety of issues would be discussed including the relationship of the plan to other county plans, department work programs, and budgets.

State law requires that a resolution be passed by a committee of authority – ERC and LC&ZC, then a public hearing, and finally adoption by Ordinance by the County Board.



Citizen Task Force

Approval of the Zoning Comprehensive Revision Citizen Task Force


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Public Participation Plan

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Ordinance - Code

2016 County Board Approved Maps in PDF Format
Brighton (pdf) Frankfort (pdf) Hewitt (pdf) Marathon (pdf) Rib Falls (pdf)
Day (pdf) Green Valley (pdf) Holton (pdf) McMillan (pdf) Spencer (pdf)
Eau Pleine (pdf) Guenther (pdf) Hull (pdf) Plover (pdf) Wien (pdf)
Elderon (pdf) Halsey (pdf) Knowlton (pdf) Reid (pdf)  


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