Mission Statement:

The Office of Corporation Counsel serves the collective safety and welfare of the residents of Marathon County by providing civil legal services including enforcement, counsel, and referrals to county departments and the County Board.

General Overview of Official Duties:

Corporation Counsel, Scott M. Corbett, serves as the parliamentarian and provides legal advice, assistance, formal opinions and court representation to the County Board, County departments, elected officials and County commissions, boards and committees. Attorneys within the office also provide the following legal services and advice:

  • General Legal Services

  • Ordinance Enforcement

  • Involuntary Mental Health Commitments

  • Adult Guardianships/Protective Placements

  • Children in Need of Protection & Services (CHIPS)

  • Minor Guardianships

  • Termination of Parental Rights (TPR)

  • Child Support Enforcement & Paternity Actions

  • Open Meetings/Public Records/Robert’s Rules of Order

  • Immunity/Claims Against the County

See individual pages for more information on each of the above-referenced legal services.