The Corporation Counsel acts as parliamentarian for all County Board meetings and provides advice to County governance subgroups regarding the State Public Records Law and the interplay between State Open Meetings Law, Marathon County Rules of Procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order.

With respect to public records, the presumption is that any government record is open for public inspection. Access to records may be denied, if there is a specific statute authorizing non-disclosure or if the custodian of the records determines after performing a balancing test that the public’s right to know is outweighed by the public benefit to confidentiality. If a request for records is made, that request must be responded to as soon as practicable and without delay. If access is denied, the response must give specific reasons for the denial. An individual denied access can commence a court action to compel disclosure.

The Wisconsin Attorney Generals’ Office has an excellent website which includes Compliance Guides, presentations, applicable opinions regarding Public Records and Open Meetings law and other resources.