GENERAL ELECTION - TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2018:  Held in all municipalities in Marathon County, State of Wisconsin.


Outstanding Provisional Ballots - Will be posted after polls close on Election night - View

City of Wausau Outstanding Provisional Ballots -  City of Wausau



All election results are unofficial until the Marathon County Canvass Board meets to canvass the required offices from the General Election.  Contact Municipal Clerks and School District Clerks for the dates and times when their Canvass Board meets to canvass local and school board offices. 


Wisconsin:   Guide to Voter Registration


Voter Photo ID is REQUIRED for voting.  For more information see Wisconsin Elections Commission website.

Municipal Absentee Voting Dates & Times: View

Information Provided from the Wisconsin Elections Commission: VOTERS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN THE POLL LIST

2011 Wisconsin Act 23 requires a voter to sign the poll list, unless a diability prevents the voter from doing so.

"...each eligible elector...shall state his or her full name and address...The officials shall then REQUIRE THE ELECTOR TO ENTER HIS OR HER SIGNATURE on the poll list..., unless the elector is exempt from the signature requirement due to a disability...(paraphrased).  6.79(2)(a), Wis. Stats.


  • If you are not prevented from signing because of a disability, and you refuse to sign, you will not be issued a ballot.
  • If the inspectors do not believe you claim that a disability prevents you from signing, you may be required to vote a challenged ballot.

Wisconsin Elections Commission Website


Please Note:
Results will be entered live after polls close at 8:00 p.m. on election day.
The election results are unofficial until the official canvass has been completed.

The following reports are available.

This is a service provided by Nan Kottke, Marathon County Clerk
Marathon County Clerk's Office, Courthouse, Wausau, WI 54403