COUNTY TREASURER, Audrey Jensen, receives deposits and invests all moneys belonging to the County; collects postponed and all delinquent real estate taxes and distributes said taxes to appropriate municipalities and school districts. Handles applications for tax deeds and takes property if taxes remain unpaid. Oversees property description functions of preparing assessment rolls, and real and personal property tax bills for all municipalities in the county, excluding the City of Wausau. Workbooks of all individual owners are kept consisting of maps and land description.

Note: 1st installments are due to local treasurers on or before January 31st.   City of Wausau collects all three installments through July 31st.

For payment options of City Taxes or other first installments, contact your local treasurer.

For postponed or delinquent taxes, pay Marathon County Treasurer

Tax Payments: County Treasurer collects postponed and delinquent taxes after January 31st.
Hours 8am to 4:30 pm Monday-Friday except July 4th
Phone 715-261-1150 Fax 715-261-1166

Payment by mail is encouraged.

Mail to :
Marathon County Treasurer
500 Forest St
Wausau WI 54403

Enclose your PIN number/or numbers with payment– (similar to 006-3003-252-0999) found on your tax bill/s.

Deadline is July 31st. Postmark of July 31st is accepted as timely, but an August 1st postmark will be delinquent with interest and penalty (10 ½% in August calculated from February 1st)  There is a five business day grace period, but it has to be in the hands of the treasurer--not just postmarked.

Credit card payments can be made through POINT AND PAY the charge is 2.39 %.  Electronic check payments are also available through Point and Pay for a service fee of $1.50
On the internet at 

 or Call 1-855-839-7006.

We will post payments when the transfer of funds occurs and mail receipts to the mailing address of the parcel.

Please provide  Pin (property identification number) number as above.

Tax and assessment information is available at
Searches are by legal, address, PIN number (Searches are not by name).