IMPORTANT NOTICE: A number of Marathon County Online Systems are being upgraded this year. Please read this BULLETIN for important information about these changes.

Marathon County Land Records are available ONLINE.

A statement of delinquent taxes with interest and penalty for the current month is available on line under (8) Recent Taxes--a line says "View Statement"  Click on View for Statement copy.  Tax bills are now available on the site also.  To the lef t of the tax year under (8) allows you to see and print a PDF tax bill with ownership information on it as of the printing of the bill.

The records available are taxes per year (not pay off with interest and penalty), assessed value, fair market value, address of property, legal description, etc. The parcel information is accessible by pin numbers, site addresses, or partial legal. Owner names are not available for public access due to various privacy concerns. If you have questions or need the amount due, please call the Treasurer at 715-261-1150.

Parcel status in an important part of the general information:

ACTIVE is a currently assessed and taxed parcel.
PENDING is a parcel that will be assessed and taxed for the current year and then deleted due to a change of legal description (CSM, subdivision, selling a part of parcel, or annexation)
SPLIT means a change was recorded and next year the parcel is a split, the tax will be a part of the pending parcel.
DELETED is a parcel that is no longer active, but kept for a period of time for the history of the original parcel before it was split. Delinquent taxes may still be on these parcels which create liens on all parts of the split description.