Tax bills are mailed by your local government after budgets are set, and rates are calculated. This is usually during the first 2-3 weeks in December.

JANUARY 31ST - DEADLINE FOR 1ST INSTALLMENT OR FULL PAYMENT TO YOUR LOCAL TREASURER. Postmark is acceptable--make sure it has correct postmark--some post offices close early. It is important to read any insert from the local treasurer for times and locations--or special instructions. Late payments make the entire tax delinquent--you lose the installment option!! 

City of Wausau collects three installments and they collect through July 31st for all installments and current year delinquents.

JULY 31ST - DEADLINE FOR 2ND INSTALLMENT--NO REMINDER NOTICES ARE SENT IN MARATHON COUNTY. Postmark is acceptable. Late payments incur interest at 1½ % per month from February until paid.

There is a five business day grace period for each installment.  The grace period requires the payment to be in the hands of the treasurer on the fifth business day, it does not include postmarks.  If you have questions, please call 715-261-1150.


Tax payments (after February 1st that are delinquent or postponed and not City of Wausau) can be made by credit card at or
call Point and Pay at   1-855-839-7006
There is a service fee from the company for 2.39% of the payment amount.  The payment information is e-mailed to the treasurer and the money transfer is done interbank. The Marathon County Treasurer’s Office will produce a receipt and mail it to you, the same as payments received by mail.