DISTRICT ATTORNEY, Theresa Wetzsteon,  is the head law enforcement officer in Marathon County and is the prosecutor in all cases of crime or county traffic ordinance violations committed in Marathon County.  Lady Justice with ScaleIn this capacity, she and her staff work with the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department, the Wisconsin State Patrol and local police departments to ensure the effective, efficient and uniform enforcement of the criminal laws and the administration of criminal justice throughout the county. Each employee of the District Attorney’s Office shall adopt the highest standards of ethical behavior and professionalism.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Marathon County District Attorney’s Office is to use all reasonable and lawful diligence for the detection, arrest and conviction of those who break the law.

The Marathon County District Attorney’s Office is committed to strengthening law enforcement’s relation with the public; enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Marathon County; and ensuring that crime victims be treated with sensitivity, fairness, compassion and respect. District Attorney Wetzsteon and her staff are committed to safety and justice for the residents of the county community.