Rights of Victims and Witnesses of Crime -  Wis. Stats. Chapter 950

The Victim Witness Program is a Program of the District Attorney's Office to assist with the many and varied needs of victims and their families.  It is a source of information and support for victims of crime in the criminal justice system.

Services Provided for Victims:

  • Notifying victims in writing when criminal complaints are issued by the District Attorney's Office along with their right to attend all court proceedings, to confer with the prosecutor as to potential outcomes of cases, and the right to be notified of the disposition of the case.
  • Contacting victims and witnesses called to Court by a subpoena and giving them information on what could happen at the court proceedings.
  • Determining the special needs of victims such as restitution, property return, Crime Victim Compensation and community resources and referrals.
  • Answering questions about testifying in court and providing court support if needed.
  • Notifying vicitms of the verdict in their case in the event of a trial and the date for sentencing if there was a guilty verdict.
  • Providing victims an opportunity to provide input, verbally or written, at the time of sentencing as to the impact the crime has had on them.
  • Notifying victims and witnesses of the final disposition of their case after sentencing and if restitution has been ordered.

Note:  If, at any phase of the court proceedings, the defendant changes a plea of not guilty to guilty, the defendant may be sentenced immediately or at a future date.

Services Provided for Witnesses:

Being the victim or witness of a crime may also mean appearing as a witness in Court.  As a witness, you are providing an important service for your community.  The Victim Witness Program hopes to make your Court appearance go as smoothly as possible.  If you have any questions or need information, call (715) 261-1111 weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Witness Services:

  • Provides subpoena notification for Court appearances.
  • Tells witnesses of delays in the trial or if they will not be needed.
  • Places witnesses on call when possible to avoid waiting.
  • Takes witnesses from the waiting area to the courtroom at the time they are needed.
  • Provides information about the payment of witness fees.
  • Provides support for witnesses while they testify.

Witness Fees

A witness fee of $16 plus mileage will be paid to all witnesses through the Clerk of Courts Office after a witness appears.  These amounts are set by law.

Witnesses must bring their subpoenas to Court in order to receive this fee.  It will be mailed approximately three to four weeks after the Court appearance.

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