Marathon County LEPC's purpose is to protect the community from harmful and possible life-threatening effects of a hazardous materials release, and develop policies, procedures, and emergency plans for prevention of and responding to accidental releases of hazardous chemicals. The LEPC is also responsible for receiving and maintaining filings of facility submissions. They also maintain a county-wide emergency response plan, develop and maintain facilities' off-site emergency response plans and the county's hazard analysis for both fixed facilities and transportation.

The LEPC also assesses the county hazmat response resources and equipment, responds to public requests for information under "community right-to-know" law, and conducts hazmat training and exercises. Wisconsin has annual exercise requirements and the LEPC attempts to involve facilities, response agencies, and other local officials in the exercises.


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Next Meeting is on March 14th in the Assembly Room at 2:00


EPCRA Information:

Off-site plans include:

  • facility name and location
  • name of facility emergency planning coordinator with 24 hr. contact phone number
  • list of primary emergency responders
  • list of resources available from/at facility
  • list of outside resources available
  • hazard analysis of the facility with a vulnerability zone for release of EHS stored at facility, identification of special facilities (i.e., schools, hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, etc.) within the zone
  • population protection procedures (sheltering and evacuation) and attachments.


For the Responders (Fire Departments and Haz Mat Teams) in need of this information, please check WHOPRS (Wisconsin Hazmat Online Planning and Reporting System) to get the most current information.