The Marathon County Emergency Response Team is a technical rescue team made up of volunteers from around Marathon County that support local responders in their response and recovery efforts.

Founded in 1995, the Team started by taking on the role as the County assigned hazardous materials response team for all jurisdictions outside of the City of Wausau. Vehicles were donated, equipment was purchased through grants, training was conducted, and the team became operational. At that time, it was based in the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department. In 2002 - 2003, Homeland Security grants helped bring on additional capability. 

CERT supports the local responders with their response and rescue efforts by providing capabilities that extend outside of typical fire-rescue department response. This application of skills, knowledge, and equipment helps the local jurisdiction safely resolve their unique and/or complex rescue situations. CERT also supports the Wisconsin Hazardous Materials Response System by coordinating with the local regional response team.

CERT members are trained and available to assist with fire-rescue and medical response to hazardous materials spill response, confined space rescue, high angle rescue, trench/excavation rescue, and structural collapse/emergency shoring. The team also has limited mass-casualty response capability. In the future, the team may be trained on urban search and rescue, damage assessment and other functions such as those found at


Supplied with three trucks and multiple trailers, CERT responds as requested by the Marathon County E911 Dispatch Center.

Next training sessions: 

January Training - January 31st  at 18:00 at West Street.  Topics will be team administration and truck checks.