The mission of the Employee Resources Department is to align all human resource programs to ensure Marathon County is a preferred employer which attracts and retains high performing employees who contribute to the County's mission and vision.  The Risk Management program supports our mission by protecting County property and financial assets and provides for the safety of our employees and public.

The Employee Resources Department is responsible for developing and managing comprehensive human resource programs:  ensuring County employment practices are in compliance with federal and state laws; developing and administering personnel policies and procedures, managing employee compensation programs, administering employee benefits programs, reviewing staffing levels and organization design; providing employee training and development opportunities; assisting departments in employee performance management; advising and counseling on a various human resource issues; negotiating collective bargaining agreements; developing safety and wellness programs; overseeing the worker's compensation program and administering the County's risk management programs. 


The County believes in Equal Employment Opportunity and will not unlawfully discriminate against job applicants.  We work with County departments to recruit a diverse applicant pool and assist departments in selecting high performing employees to help the County achieve its mission.   We strive to keep current and utilize best practices in the recruitment and selection process.

To find out what jobs are open within the County visit our Jobs Opportunities. If you need further assistance, you may contact the County Employee Resources Department 715-261-1451.


We provide training and developmental opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of County employees, promote a positive and safe work culture, and help contribute to the County being a preferred employer.


We continuously evaluate and develop safety policies/procedures and programs to ensure employees work in a safe environment and understand the importance of utilizing safe work practices that proactively prevent work place injuries and illnesses.  Additionally, we administer the worker’s compensation program for the County, including claims analysis and review to maintain a productive workforce and control costs.


We administer a compensation program to ensure an internally consistent and externally competitive pay system to attract, maintain and reward a high performing workforce.


We believe that labor and management share common interests and a cooperative relationship is an effective way for the County to achieve its mission.  Additionally, we help employees understand labor contracts/policies and improve the work environment.


We administer all the employee benefit programs. The County offers its employees a full range of benefits including health insurance, health reimbursement arrangement, dental insurance, wellness program, flexible spending account, Wisconsin retirement system, income continuation insurance, life insurance, post employment health reimbursement plan and employee assistance program.


We work closely with personnel from other departments to identify areas of concern and find solutions to enhance employee and public safety.    Programs are developed to reduce the number of losses that occur annually and plans are implemented to lessen the impact of losses that do occur.