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The purpose of rounding is for managers to hear firsthand what is going well and what issues need to be addressed with the employee or on behalf of the employee.


  • Rounding Information/Overview (pdf) - New 1/26/18
  • Top 10 Tips (pdf) - New 1/29/18
  • Rounding Questions (pdf) - Updated 11/8/18
  • Rounding Tracking Worksheet (Excel) - New 1/26/18
  • Rounding, Core Value Education and Recognition - Tips For Smaller Departments (PDF) - Updated 2/11/19

Top 10 Tips About Rounding:

  1.   Enjoy getting to know each other better
  2.   Don’t use rounding as a complaint session
  3.   Don’t focus on talking about the technical parts of your job
  4.   This is about YOU as an employee
  5.   Use the time to your advantage
  6.   Share how you support core values
  7.   Take the opportunity to ask questions
  8.   Highlight your team’s achievements
  9.   Remember that rounding is one way that Marathon County shows commitment to employees
  10.   Follow up if you say you will