The Risk Manager is charged with the responsibility of protecting the physical and financial assets of Marathon County and to provide for the safety of its workers and the general public.

As a goal, the County offers facilities and activities to the public that are safe and secure. The Risk Manager works closely with personnel from other departments to identify areas of concern and find solutions to enhance public and employee safety.

Working in conjunction with other County personnel, programs are developed that protect the County’s assets from harm.  Programs are developed that will reduce the number of losses that occur annually as well as lessen the impact of the losses that do occur.

The risk management function employs a combination of financing techniques to pay for the losses that do occur. These techniques include a combination of fully insured programs, the use of large deductibles, self insured retention in conjunction with excess insurance, and self funded programs to finance the losses that do occur. The funding of these programs are reviewed on an annual basis. This ensures the funding levels are adequate to meet the expected claims. The continual review and analysis has enabled the County to establish a sound financial basis to meet these demands while providing cost effective insurance rates to help keep taxes down.