How do I make a Claim for Damages against Marathon County?

Wisconsin Statute, 893.80, (Claims against governmental bodies or officers, agents or employees…….) requires that anyone making a claim against the County shall file a written notice of the claim with the County Clerk’s office at the following address:

County Clerk
500 Forest Street
Wausau, WI 54403
Phone: 715-261-1500
Fax: 715-261-1515

The written notice of claim must be filed within 120 days after the happening of the event giving rise to the claim and must include the following information:

  • a description of what happened
  • when and where event happened
  • itemization of damages sought
  • a demand or request for payment of damages
  • claimant’s name and address

Claims will be submitted to the County’s liability insurer for consideration of coverage. If the County is determined to be negligent for the claimant’s damages, claimant’s will be contacted by the County’s liability insurer to discuss settlement of damages. If the insurer advises the claim should be denied, the County has 120 days to disallow the claim. A letter is prepared and sent to the claimant by certified mail that the matter has been considered and disallowed and that, by law, no action on the claim may be brought after 6 months from the date the disallowance letter is received.

Who is Marathon County’s liability insurance company?

Wisconsin Municipal Mutual Insurance Company
4785 Hayes Road
Madison, WI 53704-7364