Energy Conservation is a priority in the County!

Marathon County is committed to being an "Environmentally Responsibile County Government", which includes policies and programs that conserve energy and reduce fuel/utility/resource consumption.

Energy Conservation Policy

Energy consumption has significant environmental impacts. As a result the County has adopted a policy of energy conservation and efficiency. View Policy (PDF)

In 2008 Marathon County partnered with Focus on Energy and Wisconsin Public Service to create an "Energy Conservation Team." The goal of this  group is to improve energy efficiency within existing buildings and facilities, lower the County's energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The team provides direction, counsel, and oversight as to the implementation of the "Energy Conservation Policy." As necessary, the team will address and analyze policy, practice and procedure as they relate to energy efficiencies and develop programs or projects that will promote better efficiency. Members of this group include but are not limited to:

  • Marathon County Administrator
  • Marathon County Facilities and Capital Management Director
  • Marathon County Environmental Control Specialist
  • Marathon County Capital Improvement Representative
  • Marathon County Parks Department Superintendent
  • Marathon County Sheriffs Department Representative
  • Marathon County Courts Representative
  • Focus on Energy Representative
  • Wisconsin Public Service Representative

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