Brad KargerBrad Karger - Marathon County Administrator

"I have invested my time to be part of the Energy Conservation Team in order to improve the efficiency of County Government. Any savings cost reductions that can be achieved can be redirected to support our services to the public."


Michael LotterMichael Lotter - Marathon County Facilities & Capital Management Department Director

"Being a member of the Energy Conservation Team affords me the opportunity to help create policy and develop projects which enable Marathon County to be financially and environmentally responsible. Looking for new and innovative ways to save tax dollars is part of my job, being able to combine that with the opportunity to be a good steward of the environment is an additional benefit."


Dan FiorenzaDan Fiorenza - Marathon County Parks Department Superintendent

"I feel the work of the Energy Team is important because it helps us become better stewards of our resources. With our financial and energy resources declining, being part of the Energy Team helps our department stretch these resources further."


Dan HoeneckeDan Hoenecke - Marathon County Capital Improvement Representative

"Using energy resources more efficiently has always been good practice for any business or organization. In the present climate of rising energy costs coupled with diminishing sources of revenue it has become essential. Through participation in the Marathon County Energy Team, I am able to contribute to the process of making more efficient use of these resources in County facilities and operations."


Jason PlazaJason Plaza - Marathon County Sheriffs Department Representative

"I feel it is important to be on the Marathon County Energy Team because saving energy is the responsibility of all of us. Being on the Team is one way I can take an active role to give input or be involved in the planning of how Marathon County can reduce energy costs. This ultimately saves taxpayers money and reduces the impact on the environment for future generations."


Diane SennholzDiane Sennholz- Marathon County Courts Representative

"As a member of the Marathon County Energy Team, I feel that when we can save taxpayer money and resources, plus improve the work environment - everyone wins! Also, bring awareness to Marathon County employees that they can contribute daily to saving energy just by turning off lights and shutting down computers that are not being used. The work that has been completed so far will have a positive impact for years to come and we have only just begun. I am extremely proud that Marathon County has taken the lead to find ways to save energy and set an example for others to follow."


Robin TrantowRobin Trantow - Marathon County Environmental Control Specialist

Rob's knowledge of our facilities and their heating and cooling systems is an invaluable asset when planning energy saving projects.


Fred WestphalFred Westphal -Wisconsin Public Service Representative

When asked why he felt it was important to participate on the Marathon County Energy Conservation Team, Fred responded: "We support our customers, community, and are respectful of the environment. Conserving energy helps our customers save money and protects our limited resources. It is worth the energy to me!"


Adam Snippen - Focus on Energy Representative