The difference Marathon County Health Department makes…


Prevent infectious disease threats to the public by,

  • Protecting the public from the spread of disease
  • Keeping the public informed of threats and what they can do

Prevent unsafe food and water by,

  • Working with businesses to sell food that does not make people sick
  • Testing water from private and public drinking wells so people do not get sick

Promote strong healthy families during the early years by,

  • Helping families to have babies born healthy
  • Teaching people how to be good parents
  • Helping families connect to community resources
  • Preventing childhood trauma and injuries

Create places where it is easy to support healthy lifestyles by,

  • Choosing to use alcohol and other drugs safely
  • Breathing smoke-free air
  • Being active
  • Getting healthy, affordable food
  • Making good mental health as important as good physical health

Protect against health hazards by,

  • Keeping the public informed of hazards and what they can do
  • Protecting the public from hazards
  • Making sure children are not exposed to lead

Monitor and address community health priorities by,

  • Identifying major causes of disease, injury and premature death
  • Facilitate community partnerships to address issues impacting our communities