Countdown to the Thanksgiving Holiday | PDF | En Español | En Español PDF
Plan ahead to ease the countdown tension for your Thanksgiving meal.

Food Safety for Those Glorious Holiday Goodies! (PDF Only) | Alternate Text
If any of your holiday recipes call for uncooked or lightly-cooked eggs, you can modify them by cooking the eggs thoroughly. From the Partnership for Food Safety Education.

Holiday or Party Buffets | PDF | En Español
Festive times for giving and sharing should not include sharing foodborne illness.

Hotline Answers "Panic Button" Food Safety Questions | PDF | En Español PDF
During the holidays, people are busy and can sometimes forget that unsafe handling and cooking can lead to foodborne illness. Here are some questions callers have asked regarding the safety of their holiday foods.

No-Show Guests Jeopardize Food Safety | PDF
When guest encounter emergencies and the meal must be delayed or cancelled, food must be handled "just right" to remain safe.

Roasting Those "Other" Holiday Meats | PDF | En Español | En Español PDF
Rather than turkey, some families choose a rib roast; others, a ham; and some will have a butcher arrange a crown roast of lamb. For special holiday meals, the cook wants everything perfect — and perfectly safe.

Stuffing and Food Safety | PDF | En Español | En Español PDF
Because stuffing (dressing or filling) is an excellent medium for bacterial growth, it's important to handle it safely and cook it to a safe minimum internal temperature as measured with a food thermometer.

Turduckens Require Safe Food Handling | PDF | En Español | En Español PDF
"Turducken" — a layered poultry dish especially popular during the holidays — requires safe food handling and thorough cooking to prevent foodborne illness.

Turkey: Alternate Routes to the Table | PDF | En Español | En Español PDF
The conventional oven — although the appliance most often used to cook a whole turkey — is not the only way to get the big bird done and beautiful. There are alternate routes for cooking a turkey safely.

Let's Talk Turkey-A Consumer Guide to Safely Roasting a Turkey | PDF | En Español
Every facet of getting a turkey from the store to the dinner table is included — buying fresh vs. frozen, safe thawing methods, stuffing, roasting, storing leftover turkey and reheating the leftovers.

Turkey Basics: Handling Cooked Dinners | PDF | En Español | En Español PDF
Recommendations for take-out, deli-prepared, or convenience turkey dinners.

Turkey Basics: Safe Thawing | PDF | En Español | En Español PDF
A turkey must be kept at a safe temperature during thawing. Learn three safe methods.

Turkey Basics: Stuffing | PDF | En Español | En Español PDF
For safety, prepare stuffing or dressing for the turkey according to these directions.

Turkey Basics: Safe Cooking | PDF | En Español | En Español PDF
Roasting instructions and approximate cooking times.

Is Pink Turkey Meat Safe? | PDF
The color of cooked meat and poultry is not always a sure sign of its degree of doneness. Only by using a food thermometer can you accurately determine that a meat has reached a safe temperature.

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For questions or more information about food safety, please contact one of our Sanitarians (e-mail), or by calling (715) 261-1900.

If you would like to file a complaint, request, or report, doing so will create a public record that is subject to disclosure pursuant to Wisconsin public records law.