Human Health Hazards

Human health hazards exist in many forms. The purpose of the Marathon County Human Health Hazard Regulation is to protect the health and safety of the public and communities from environmental exposures that may contribute to communicable disease, acute or chronic illness, or endanger life. Determining the existence of a human health hazard involves using a variety of criteria, including length of exposure, quantity and nature of exposure, type and number of individuals exposed, and known or expected health risk. This regulation provides guidance for administration and enforcement activities when a human health hazard is identified.

Marathon County Health Hazard Regulation (PDF)



If you would like more information on environmental health, please contact the Marathon County Health Department by sending an email to our Sanitarians, or by calling 715-261-1900.

If you would like to file a complaint, request, or report, doing so will create a public record that is subject to disclosure pursuant to Wisconsin public records law.



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