Marathon County Health Department has a public health nurse and environmental health professionals that work with families whose children have had evidence of exposure to lead. Lead exposure is responsible for serious health issues in children. As the Wisconsin Department of Health Services states “Lead exposure in young children can cause reduced IQ and attention span, learning disabilities, developmental delays, and a range of other health and behavioral effects. Most exposures occur in homes or daycares built before 1978 where lead-based paint has deteriorated.

Prevention of lead poisoning can be accomplished by eliminating lead-based paint hazards before children are exposed. Wisconsin's goal is to eliminate this disease by working to make Wisconsin's housing lead-safe, and by improving the detection and treatment of lead poisoning in children” (Lead-Safe Wisconsin).

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If you think you may have lead based paint in or around your home, or would like more information about lead exposure, please contact the Marathon County Health Department by sending an email to our Sanitarians or by calling 715-261-1900.

If you would like to file a complaint, request, or report, doing so will create a public record that is subject to disclosure pursuant to Wisconsin public records law.



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