Hotels, Motels, and Bed & Breakfasts

The Health Department inspects hotels, motels, tourist rooming houses and bed and breakfast establishments annually. Inspections are to verify guest rooms are cleaned properly and meet all code requirements of Chapter DHS 195 of Hotels, Motels and. The hotels/motels are also inspected for general safety hazards, proper laundry facilities, and proper refuse collection and removal.


Mobile Home Parks

The Health Department inspects mobile home parks annually to verify the parks meet all code requirements of SPS 326 Manufactured Home Communities.



If you have questions or would like more information,  please contact the Marathon County Health Department by sending an email to our Sanitarians or by calling 715-261-1900.

If you would like to file a complaint, request, or report, doing so will create a public record that is subject to disclosure pursuant to Wisconsin public records law.



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