If you are thinking of, or are already, listing your property as a Tourist Rooming House...

Please contact an Environmental Health Sanitarian at the Marathon County Health Department (715-261-1900) to discuss the process of obtaining a permit for your home, cabin, etc. as a tourist rooming house. 

The permit fees include:

Pre-inspection Fee $238.00 (One-time fee only)
Annual Permit  $238.00
Water Tests  $36.00 (For private wells)




Licensed Tourist Rooming Houses are inspected annually to ensure the health and safety of transients. During inspection, items such as utensil washing, bedding, sleeping room size, windows, locks, sinks, bathroom, trash, and pools or whirlpools are evaluated.

Our goal is to assist you as a property owner to obtain the needed permit.  Permits are provided by us, in accordance to state law.  If you have any further questions, please contact the Marathon County Health Department and ask to speak to a sanitarian at (715) 261-1900


If you choose not to permit this property as a place of lodging, you will no longer be able to offer the property to tourists or transients for pay. The property is to be removed from any locations and websites which advertise the property for rent.