Swimming Pools & Whirlpools:

Marathon County Health Department licenses and annually inspects indoor and outdoor public pools to verify all pools meet the code requirements outlined in SPS 390 of Design and Construction of Public Swimming Pools and Chapter DHS 172 of Safety, Maintenance and Operation of Public Swimming Pools. Some basic code requirements sanitarians inspect for are proper signage of pool rules, capacity, operational recirculation system, accurate daily testing logs, and all other safety and health regulations.

Pool operators are required under Marathon County Ordinance to collect and submit pool water samples for testing. The pool water samples are brought to the Marathon County Public Health Laboratory for analysis. The Laboratory tests the water samples for bacteria. Pools failing the laboratory testing are temporarily closed until adequate shock chlorination is completed.

Pool operators are also required to maintain specific documentation on site to ensure proper and safe operation of their pools.  Below you can find copies of all required documentation.

Special Event Campground Application


Lifeguard Staffing Plan ATCP 76 Safety, Maintenance, and Operation of Public Pools and Water Attractions
Monthly Report - Swimming Pool Operation DSPS Equipment Replacement Referral
Required Contents of Biohazard Kit Example Drain Cover Information
Required Contents of First Aid Kit Example DSPS Statement
Swimming Pool Death or Injury Report Fecal Incident Response Guidelines
Swimming Pool Fecal Incident Report Formed Fecal Incident Guidelines
VGBA Drain and Equalizer Cover Replacement Log VGBA Fact Sheet


Campgrounds & Recreational and Educational Camps:

Marathon County Health Department licenses and annually inspects all permanent and temporary (such as fairs or festivals) campgrounds to verify compliance with DHS 178 Campgrounds. Some of the basic code requirements sanitarians inspect for are proper sanitary waste disposal, garbage handling, and sanitation. Recreational and Educational camps are also inspected annually for compliance with DHS 175 Recreational and Educational Camps.



If you have questions or would like more information,  please contact the Marathon County Health Department by sending an email to our Sanitarians or by calling 715-261-1900.

If you would like to file a complaint, request, or report, doing so will create a public record that is subject to disclosure pursuant to Wisconsin public records law.



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