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U.S. Food and Drug Administration Oral Culture Learner Project

Food Safety Materials Available for Downloading or Listening

Advantages of a Certified Kitchen Manager

Certified Food Manager Compliance

Northcentral Technical College

Tavern League

Wi Restaurant Association

Food Manager Certification & Recertification Directory


Fact Sheets

We developed these fact sheets for your use.  Feel free to print them!

Please contact us for food safety handouts in:  Chinese, Hmong, or Spanish.  If you need another language, please see the U.S, Food & Drug Administration’s Language Assistance Services.

The fact sheets have been organized by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Risk Factors.  The CDC Risk Factors are the most common causes of a food-borne illness or outbreak.

Fact sheets for Good Manufacturing Practices are at the end of this section.

Additional written Standard Operating Procedures and a variety of blank log sheets are also available here.

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Personal Hygiene

Do Not Handle Food While Sick

Dirty Hands Spread Disease

Food, Hands & Bacteria

Wash Hands Sign

Handwashing Fact Sheet

Hand Washing Frequency Study

Hair Restraints Required

Use of Gloves

Disposable Gloves

Employee Hygiene

Foodborne Illnesses

Foodborne Outbreaks

Food Employee Reporting Agreement

5 Tips to Prevent Norovirus

Preventing Food Service Norovirus Outbreaks


Hand Sanitizers

Employee Illness - Can You Ask?


Cooking / Cooling / Holding Temperatures & Times

Cross Contamination Prevention

Ground Beef Handling and Cooking

Handling Practices of Fresh Leafy Greens

Chicken Cross Contamination Prevention

Manual Dish Wash Procedure

Machine Dishwashing

Washing/Sanitizing Equipment

Create a Sanitizing Solution

Breading Mix (Use/Reuse)

Food Prep Sink (No handwashing)

Sanitizing Melons

Melon Safe Handling

Guidelines for Water Dispensers (Ice)

Bare Hand Contact and RTE Foods

Food Distribution Guidelines

Organizing your Walk-In Cooler



Good Manufacturing Practices

Food Preparation that needs prior approval, variance or Haccp Plan

Safe Handling Take-Out Foods

Food Safety Tips for Community Meals

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For questions or more information about food safety, please contact one of our Sanitarians (email), or by calling (715) 261-1900.

If you would like to file a complaint, request, or report, doing so will create a public record
that is subject to disclosure pursuant to Wisconsin public records law.