Communicable diseases, sometimes called infectious diseases, are illnesses caused by organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. Infectious diseases remain the major cause of illness, disability, and death. Local health departments are responsible for investigating and controlling further spread of disease. In order to be able to identify patterns and trends of communicable disease occurrences, Marathon County tracks the type and number of reportable diseases, as well as reports received from area health care providers, laboratories, schools, and day care centers.

On a weekly basis, infection control practitioners from area hospitals and clinics receive a report of communicable disease occurrences in Marathon County from our epidemiologist. As part of our communicable disease investigation, we assure individuals receive appropriate treatment and provide health teaching on ways to prevent further spread of these diseases.

Communicable Disease Reporting



To report a communicable disease, please call 715-261-1900. If a call is placed after hours or on a holiday, a phone number will be provided to contact the on-call manager.



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