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Spring thaw - Seasonal Weight LImit Information

In spring, roads begin to thaw from both the top and bottom. As ice in the pavement melts, water saturates the road’s base and subgrade. These layers lose strength, like a handful of mud compared to dry soil. As thawing continues, melt water becomes trapped in the upper subgrade, unable to drain away through the frozen soils below. Pavements weaken considerably in a very short time under these conditions. (Wisconsin Transporatation Bulletin #8, Wisconsin Transporation Information Center, 2003)

During this spring thaw, the Highway Department posts most County Highways with Seasonal Weight Limits.  Additional information on the Seasonal Weight Limits and the locations of the weight limits can be found in the Driving Information Page of this site.

Seasonal Weight Limits on County Highways began on Friday March 13, 2015.  Weight limits are scheduled to remain in place at least through the week of April 12th.  Conditions will be reviewed during the week of April 12th to determine if a date can be set to remove the weight limits.

WisDOT announces weight limits for North Central Region state highways (March 9, 2015)


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) North Central Region today announced the seasonal posting of weight limits on area state highways. The weight restrictions are 6 tons gross load for single axle vehicles and 10 tons gross load for tandem axle vehicles (any two axles under 8 feet apart). The maximum gross weight is 24 tons.

Weight restrictions will be effective at noon on Friday, March 13, 2015 on the following highways:

  • WIS 54, Wood County, from West Wood County line to WIS 80.

  • WIS 54, Wood County, from South Junction WIS 80 to 1 mile West of Junction WIS 73.

  • WIS 107, Marathon County, from Marathon County Road A to the Lincoln County line

  • WIS 107, Lincoln County, from Marathon County line to WIS 64.

  • WIS 107, Lincoln County, from Matthew's Road to Lincoln County Road S.

  • WIS 153, Marathon County, from Marathon County Road J to Shawano County line

  • WIS 153, Shawano County, from Marathon County line to US 45.

  • WIS 173, Wood County, from North Junction WIS 80 to Wood County Road G.


Seasonal weight restrictions (springtime posted roads) are placed on specific highways during the spring thaw period. The restrictions are added to prevent damage to the pavement structure.


The Marathon County Highway Department operates the highway system under its jurisdiction to provide a safe and convenient means for the vehicular transportation of people and goods.

The department oversees the maintenance of over 600 miles of the county trunk highway system and annually contracts with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) to maintain an additional 700 lane miles of State and Federal Highway System roads .

The Highway Department also provides technical assistance, financial aid, and various services to other local units of government including the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). These services are critical to maintaining a safe, convenient, and efficient transportation system serving communities, residents, and businesses throughout Marathon County.

The policy-making body for the Highway Department is the Infrastructure Committee. The Committee consists of seven County Board Members elected for a two-year term by the County Board of Supervisors. The powers and duties of the Highway Committee are defined by Section 83.015 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

The administration and implementation of the departmental policies is the responsibility of the Highway Commissioner with assistance from the administrative staff. The Highway Commissioner reports to the Highway Committee and is also charged with certain duties as directed by Wisconsin Statutes Section 83.01

The Highway Department primary operations are centered at 1430 West in Wausau, WI.  The office lobby is open as follows;

  • Winter Hours:   Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Summer Hours:  Monday - Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Fridays by Appointment Only

The Highway Department has outlying shops located at the following addresses:

  • W 4165 STH 97 North, Edgar, WI 54426    phone 715-352-2120
  • 490 Oak Road, Mosinee, WI 54455
  • 8155 Duncan Road, Hatley, WI 54440
  • 1015 East Linden Street, Abbotsford, WI 54405

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