Marathon County Highway Department is responsible for generating various postings for county highways. These postings include temporary and permanent roadway weight limits as well as bridge weight postings.

On occasion, overweight and/or oversize loads are permitted on county highways. Refer to the permits page for additional information on permitting overweight/oversize loads.

Seasonal Weight Limits

Seasonal Weight Limits began 3/21/19 and will end at 6:00 a.m. on 5/6/19


Roadway Weight Limit Information

  • Why do we have road weight limits? (PDF)
    • Please note that this bulletin is from 2003, so some information might be out of date.
  • Marathon County Highway Bridge Weight Postings (PDF)
  • County Highway Spring Weight Limit Posting Locations (PDF map) (PDF text)
  • Explanation of Axle Weights for Spring Weight Limit Postings (PDF)
  • Information Regarding Maximum Weight Limits for Class A Vehicles based on axle spacings (PDF)

Winter Plowing and Salting Information

  • Information on Driving around Plow Trucks (PDF)
  • Information on Salting, Sanding and Spraying the roads in winter (PDF)

Other Driving Information