Scour critical bridges are bridges that either do not have sufficient information known regarding the construction of the bridges substructure (bridge’s foundation) or bridges that are known to have a substructure may have structural issues if scouring occurs during high water events.

In 2010, a survey was completed on all municipal and county-owned bridges in Marathon County that are considered scour critical. In April 2011, the findings of these surveys were distributed to the municipalities that have scour critical bridges within their jurisdiction.

The municipalities should monitor the scour critical bridges during high water events.

Note: Scour critical bridges are not substandard and do not note a specific defect for the structure; they are simply structures that should be monitored during high water events as they may be susceptible to settlement if scouring of the stream or river would occur during a high water event.

The links below are maps illustrating the location of all scour critical bridges in Marathon County.

  • All of Marathon County (PDF)
  • Western Marathon County (PDF)
  • Central Marathon County (PDF)
  • Eastern Marathon County (PDF)