Bern Forest Unit Entrance Sign

This is our smallest forest unit, located in the far northwest corner of the county, west of the village of Athens. This unit is 269 acres and is managed cooperatively with the Department of Natural Resources for waterfowl production. Over 50% of this unit is either open water or marshland. It is surrounded primarily by aspen, which is being managed for a host of songbirds as well as grouse/woodcock. There is a parking area in the SE corner of the unit at the intersection of Frahm and Dawson Rd.

Directions:  From Wausau go 21 miles west on STH 29 miles to north on STH 97 for 6 miles into Athens.  Go west from Athens on CTH M 4 miles to west on Frahm Road 2 miles to the parking lot.

Bern Wetland Forest Unit  (43kb PDF)

 Marshland and water mix at Bern Wetland