Camping in Marathon County Forest Units is allowed on an individual permit basis.  There is a $15.00 charge for the permit which is valid for one to 14 consecutive nights of camping.  The permit will not be issued until the $15.00 fee is paid (cash, check, or credit card accepted).  The permit must be secured a minimum of one working day before the first night of camping.  To secure a permit visit the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Administrative Office, 212 River Drive, Suite #2, Wausau and complete the application.
print, complete, sign, date, scan and e-mail or fax the permit to us.  The e-mail and fax number are on the permit.  Call the Park Administrative Office with any questions at 715.261.1550.

Here is a pdf of the permit you can print and complete.

General Information:

  • Each camping unit requires it's own permit.
  • Maximum camping period is 14 nights; permits are issued for the number of nights user anticipates camping.
  • Self-contained camping units may park in the parking lot.
  • Tent may be pitched in the forest.
  • Leave no trace; take all garbage with when you leave
  • Indicate the specific parking lot you are interested in camping at.
  • Provide name, address, phone number, dates, vehicle make, model, license plate, number of people camping, type of camping unit.
  • No firewood is allowed to be brought in to County Forests.  Dead and down wood may be collected in the forest and burned.
  • Permit(s) must be displayed in the vehicle dash.
  • DO NOT block forest unit gates with vehicles or they will be towed at owners expense.