Field # Sponsor Name Field Size
1 Roto-Graphic Printing Inc Small
2 Wausau Coated Products Inc Small
3 This field is available to sponsor Full
4 Brickner's Of Wausau Small
5 This field is available to sponsor Small
6 This field is available to sponsor Medium
7 This field is available to sponsor Medium
8 This field is available to sponsor Small
9 Ascension Full
10 This field is available to sponsor Full
11 Mid-Wisconsin Beverage Inc Full
12 Eastbay Championship
13 This field is available to sponsor Full
14 This field is available to sponsor Full
15 This field is available to sponsor Full
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January 18, 2016       

Contact: Daniel Fiorenza, Operations Superintendent/Maintenance & Development

Wausau & Marathon County Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department


Local Economy Scores Big at New Sports Complex

WAUSAU, WI - Area youth were not the only ones benefitted by the new Eastbay Sports Complex. In its inaugural 2015 season the public facility pumped more than $1.6 million into the local economy according to figures released by the Wausau and Marathon County Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department.

Developed in response to a lack of quality fields in the Wausau area for the nation’s most popular youth participation sport, the complex exceeded first year usage projections, serving not only over 1,500 local players, but drawing teams and fans from across the state. “It was definitely a Field of Dreams phenomenon,” said Park and Recreation Operations Superintendent Daniel Fiorenza. “We built it and they came.” The fields were used 149 out of a possible 179 days and drew 124,000 visits.

The economic impact stats compiled by CVB/Sports Authority were based on just three events held at the complex, two statewide invitational soccer tournaments and the Badger State Games La Crosse Tournament, which can utilize the same fields. The Midwest Cup Spring (soccer) Tournament alone drew over 3,500 people to the complex and added more than a $1 million to the economy as out-of-town visitors checked into area hotels, ate at local restaurants and purchased goods and services at community shops.

“The positive impact on our economy is only going to get better every year,” Fiorenza said. “A big factor in which tournaments teams choose to attend is the quality of the facilities,” he explained. “We had hoped our complex would develop to statewide prominence by 2020, but our reputation took root right from the start. Coaches, players and fans rank the Eastbay Sports Complex as the best natural turf fields in the state. Combine that with our central location and the quality of our hospitality industry and you can expect more and bigger tournaments in the future.”

Adding to the community value of 15-field complex is the fact that a substantial portion of its maintenance and operating costs are offset by corporate sponsorships. Eastbay sponsors both the complex overall and a field. Pizza Ranch and Wausau Coated also sponsor fields.

“Of course the most important community value doesn’t have a dollar sign,” Fiorenza noted. “Soccer and other field sports are terrific activities for our kids, those that positively engage the whole family. We have boys and girls from age 4 to 18 playing, as well as adult teams, and this facility really enhances that experience. Our complex and field sponsors truly deserve a big thank you.”

For more information about the Eastbay Sports Complex contact the Wausau & Marathon County Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department at 715.261.1550.

PRESS RELEASEDated March 19, 2015New Marathon County Sports Complex Offers Naming Rights for Businesses              Complex and Field Naming Rights Invitation Wausau, WI, —This spring, the Wausau & Marathon County Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department is pleased to announce the opening of a new, publically-owned, outdoor sports complex. To help inaugurate and maintain this worthwhile community resource, beginning March 30, 2015, area businesses will have the opportunity to purchase naming rights sponsorship for both the overall complex as well as 15 individual fields.Participating businesses will receive:   • High-profile recognition for their community support   • Substantial marketing opportunities with frequent, positive exposure throughout the community, region and across the state.“Having your company name associated with the Marathon County Sports Complex is like buying stock in a socially responsible corporation. You get both an economic return from marketing locally and regionally, plus the benefits of supporting healthy lifestyles in your community,” said William Duncanson, Director of the Wausau & Marathon County Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department.In recent years, soccer has grown to be the second most popular youth sport in the nation. It has had equally explosive growth in our area, but what the area didn’t have, until now, were adequate fields. Located at 602 E Kent Street, Wausau, this state-of-the-art complex has 15 irrigated fields (of varying sizes to fit recommended dimensions for each age group) including a lit championship field, parking, concession building, playground and restrooms.Over 1,200 area youth in competitive and recreation leagues and the Central Wisconsin Adult Soccer League will be making this complex their home field. In addition, two large statewide soccer tournaments are already scheduled for 2015. The complex will also serve numerous other field sports and special events. The advantages for businesses that sponsor either the entire complex or an individual field within it gain broad, positive exposure, not only to people visiting the complex, but also in media coverage of sports events, information packets to visiting teams, event programs and so on. Naming sponsorships are available at prices appropriate for a wide range of marketing budgets.For more information about the Marathon County Sports Complex contact the Wausau & Marathon County Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department at 715.261.1550.

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