Geocaching Guidelines
Wausau & Marathon County Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department
1.  State and county regulations prohibit the disturbance or damage of natural features and entering posted closed areas, therefore some lands may not be open to geocaching.
2. Geocaches are not allowed in environmentally sensitive areas and archaeological or historical sites.
3.  Geocaching is not permitted within State Natural Areas (SNA).  In Marathon County these lands include; Dells of the Eau Claire River (SNA No. 109) and Big Eau Pleine Woods (SNA No. 235).  Earthcaching and virtual caching, in which a container is not hidden on the property, is permitted within State Natural Areas.
4.  Before placing a geocache, the geocache owner must have a completed Wisconsin Geocaching Association Form (81kb PDF Version),(WORD Version), on file with the Department.  Any geocache placed on Department property without this form on file with the Department, may be removed by the Department.  The Department reserves the right to remove geocaches at any time.
5.  Geocaches placed to promote commercial, political, religious, or other social agendas are not allowed.
6.  Geocaches are not to be buried. A geocache is considered buried if soil must be moved to access the geocache.  Placing rocks, bark, leaves, logs etc. over a geocache or placing a geocache into a naturally occurring crevice or hole is not considered burial.
7.  The geocache owner must be responsible for their geocache.  There is no time limit for placement of the geocache, but it is recommended the geocache be checked by the owner at least quarterly.
8.  Geocache owners are allowed to move geocaches to new locations provided the geocache owner notifies the Department.
9.  Geocache contents must be safe for children.
10.  The following items are not allowed in geocaches:
             ●  Food or beverages of any kind.
             ●  Knives or weapons of any kind.
             ●  Illegal items such as drugs or controlled substances.
             ●  Material restricted from minors such as (but not limited to): tobacco, and alcohol.
11.  The Department takes no responsibility for any vandalism or other damage to a geocache.
Mail your Geocache Notification Form to:
Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department
212 River Drive Suite 2
Wausau, WI  54403-5476
Phone: 715-261-1550