Update October 9, 2018:  For information pertaining to the 2018 Ski for Youth Program please visit the Rib Mountain Ski Club website at:


2017 Ski For Youth
December 3, 10, and 17, 2017  (For 2nd Graders thru age 17)
Noon to 4:00 p.m.
Granite Peak Ski Area

As registrations are received at the 3803 Powers Street address an updated list of registered participants for the 2017 Ski For Youth Program will be periodically posted below.  Please note, youths that participated in past years will not be allowed to participate in this year's or following years.  The program only takes beginners who have never participated.

A link to the roster list of all registrations received at the Powers St address for the 2017 program is listed at the end of this sentence.  This the final roster update to be posted on this site.  Any registrations received December 1st and 2nd will receive a phone call December 2nd confirming youth has been accepted into the program.  If your child is not on the roster list, or doesn't receive a phone call on December 2, they won't be allowed to participate in the 2017 program no matter which Sunday(s) the youth intends on participating and you would need to try next year.  Pre-registration deadline extended to December 2, 2017.

Ski For Youth is a learn-to-ski program presented by Friends of Spike Berg volunteer ski instructors and hosted by Granite Peak Ski Area.  Sorry we do not teach snow boarding.
  • The History of Ski For Youth can be found here.
  • A Ski For Youth Flyer is available here.
  • A site map of the Granite Peak Ski Area can be found here.

Become a Volunteer Ski Instructor
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1)      Complete the “Ski For Youth 2017” registration form.  Pre-registration is required and must be received in the mail at the address below by November 29, 2017.  No Phone, Web, Fax or On-site registrations accepted. There is no fee for the ski lesson.

2)      You must complete Granite Peak Parent’s Frequent Skier Agreement & Release of Liability for 2017-2018 and Granite Peak Ski Rental Agreement & Release of Liability 2017-2018 if you rent equipment. Be sure to review and complete for each child as needed. Do not mail these two forms. Take them to the ticket window AFTER checking in.   Initial Lift Ticket and Ski Rental costs are $10 each, plus 5.5% sales tax and 3% enhancement fee.  Lift ticket and rental cost are paid at Granite Peak ticket window.  After attending one Ski For Youth lesson, subsequent lift ticket and rental is $5 each plus sales tax and enhancement fee. Save receipts as you may apply these costs to the purchase of a season pass for your child.
All youth must FIRST check-in each day of participation between Noon and 12:45pm in the lower level of the Historic Chalet – see site map. Youth needing ski rental should check-in at Noon. After checking in go to Ticket Window to pay for lift ticket and rental equipment (if needed). Those needing equipment then go to Rental building. Make a note of the ID # of your equipment. Skis and poles are not permitted in any building other than Rental. You may wait in the chalet until called to ski trail at East end of the Historic Chalet (about 1 pm). Parents, after accompanying your child to the ski trail and they are assigned to an instructor, we ask you not to follow along as your presence is often a distraction. The lesson will last about one hour after which participants can use the remainder of the day to practice what they have been taught. Before leaving your child(ren) be sure to arrange a time and place to meet at the end of the day (we suggest the chalet and not the parking lot). Lifts stop at 4 pm. Return ski equipment to rental.


Mail completed forms to:
Ski For Youth
3803 Powers Street
Schofield, WI 54476


In case of an emergency, the emergency contact person will be called to the hill.  In that event you will be told where to meet your child.
Complete the registration form for each youth. PLEASE PRINT!
Granite Peak is offering a Season Pass Discount through December 24, 2017.  Print these coupons (125kb pdf) and bring them to Granite Peak.

These coupons read:
Ski For Youth – Season Pass Special
Apply Ski For Youth Participant’s
Lift & Rental Costs to the purchase of
Participant’s Season Pass
at September’s Season Pass Sale Prices
Child (6-12) $299; Adult (13+) $399
All prices are subject to a 5.5% State Sales Tax and 3% Enhancement & Activity Fee. Offer ends December 24th, 2017.