Welcome to the Adopt-A-Park program. This volunteer program is open to individuals, families and large groups such as businesses or service clubs. When you “adopt” a city or county park, you agree to visit that site at least once every two weeks between April 1 and October 31 each year. Adopt-A-Park volunteers look for weather damage, vandalism, maintenance issues, or anything out of the ordinary at the site. You’re not required to pick up litter or conduct any park maintenance. Each visit helps us respond quickly to problems so that we keep these public spaces clean and safe. The Park Inspection form below can be completed on-line, or printed to take along to your park. If it is more convenient, you can also call 715.261.1550 to report a problem. If you are interested in adopting a city or county park, contact the Recreation Superintendent at 715.261.1550, or stop in at the office on 212 River Drive, Suite 2, Wausau.