Update November 7:  Dog Park Special Committee Opportunity

An off-leash exercise area for dogs is open in Marathon Park in Wausau. It is located between the basketball courts and Multi-Purpose Building #1 (ice arena), inside the fenced horse show area. The hours of operation are sunrise to 11 p.m. daily. The nearest water faucet is in the restrooms at the ice arena. There is no charge to use this area.

A map of the location of the Dog Exercise Area can be found here  (42kb PDF)

This Dog Exercise Area will be Closed during scheduled Horse Shows, and during the Wisconsin Valley Fair each season.

Users will be held responsible for the behavior of their dogs. Posted rules for use include requirements that owners be inside the fence with their pet, clean up after their pet and that the gate must be latched while dogs are off-leash inside the arena. Outside the arena, dogs will be subject to all leash ordinances. Continued access to this area depends upon how well it is maintained by users.

County Park Off-leash Exercising Animals Ordinance 19.07 (3)
No person shall exercise or walk a dog or other animal in any County park without a leash. A leash shall not be more than 6 feet in length. No leash is required when a dog is performing retrieving exercises, except the retrieving dog shall not be within 100 feet of any persons except the dog handlers or any area where animals are prohibited. No leash is required during dog shows or training programs authorized by the Commission.

For more information, contact the Park Department at 715.261.1550.

There are three City of Wausau Parks that host an off-leash dog run area during specified periods of the day.  These areas are not fenced however, there are several signs with maps posted at each area indicating the boundaries of the off-leash area.

Map of off-leash areas.

Location: Address: Times:
Memorial Park 505 Memorial Park Road 6am - 9am only

Oak Island Park

500 River Drive

6am - 9am and
6pm - 9pm

Riverside Park 100 Sherman Drive 6am - 9am and
6pm - 9pm

Off-Leash Area Guidelines:

  • Clean up after your dog
  • Remove aggressive dogs
  • Keep your dog in sight
  • Dogs must be on a leash when outside the off-leash area 

All other City Parks including the non-off leash areas in the three above parks dogs must be leashed at all times on a leash not exceeding 16 feet in length.